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Team up. Think outside the box. Look at things from another perspective here Exceeds expectations. What if they are useless clichés?

For years we have been educated in teamwork, the cult of synergies, fluid business, yet no one can confirm that these tips really work.

Some people, on the other hand, suspect that these clichés are not part of the world of top performers.

Those who have made a career have unfastened their cliché belts and followed a dirt road and all their own.

Stop clichés: best work practices overturn commonplaces

So says Morten Hansen, a management professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who recently collected the 100 most common misconceptions at work and affecting business.

Analyzing the clichés, the teacher did not find any scientific evidence that could support the main professional beliefs.

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A few examples? Leaving the job description and taking an interest in all the activities that border your perimeter means showing proactivity. Or again, learning to perform at your best under stress, transforming the adrenaline of the deadline into concentration to perform the task in the best possible way is a training ground for success. Or, networking, involving all the actors who may be interested in fosters social consensus.

Is it possible that no data testifies to the functional validity of these business beliefs? Possible.

Morten Hansen conducted research on the work practices and performance of 5,000 workers, including managers, investigating to investigate the phenomenon.

The results confirmed the sensations: most of the business clichés did not positively influence the career of the top performers interviewed.

Top 3 myths?

1. Make everyone agree

We are trained to avoid confrontation, to unite factions, to “get everyone around a table”. We seek consensus and approval, dampening individual positions in order to satisfy all parties involved. The biggest risk? De-power an idea by making it digestible to most. Defusing a bomb, which could defeat the market, so as not to hurt the positions of colleagues. According to Morten Hansen, the experience of top performers tells another story: those who achieve success do not censor themselves and do not hide their ideas. On the contrary, the most virtuous approach seems to be precisely that of heated debate and open confrontation between those who hold different positions. Defending one’s ideas, bringing concrete data to support them favor a constructive and mature dialogue. A match dedicated to fair play: whoever loses will have to commit to supporting the winning idea.

2. Collaborate at all costs

The taskforce, cooperation, liquid teams, working tables: never again without collaboration.

The idea of ​​an organization without borders, however, risks wasting time and producing fruitless flows.

You may have noticed: shouting “Shouldn’t we also involve the sales team?”, “Well, let’s also call the sales office”, “and IT? They take care of this aspect .. ” the projects become infinite and meetings are generated like matryoshkas.

The successful professional, on the other hand, according to Morten Hansen, is pragmatic and goes straight to the point: he is not afraid of making autonomous decisions and involves others only, and exclusively, when necessary.

Straight to the point.

3. Love what you do

… if we were to take this cliché literally, the world would be full of coaches, actors, designers, travelers, singers, dancers, astronauts.

It’s a pity that letting yourself be moved by passion alone doesn’t always guarantee a salary at the end of the month.

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Do we, therefore, have to give up and adapt to what the market is going through, living the 8 hours in the office in apnea?

Not at all: the top performers interviewed by the University of California professor found grit and energy while pursuing a work purpose. Making a difference, being useful to the Company, leading the team to success are some of the goals set by the best business profiles.